Friday, June 20, 2008


I am a mother who feels like a failure most of the time. In the past year, I have endured many stressors:
- My mother passed away. My step father has mistreated her will and left me with little to nothing.
- My oldest daughter has been given 5 diagnoses from 5 different professionals. They include: Autism Spectrum Disorder (PDD-NOS), ADHD, Bipolar Mood Disorders and Sensory Integration. One doctor reported that she did not have any disorders except a mother who needed parenting counseling.
- My youngest daughter, age 2 is receiving special services from the state because of her sensory challenges. 
- I left a high paying career in the city to move to a rural midwestern town near my in-laws.
- I gave up my business that I created over 8 years ago because of burn out and little to no bereavement period.
More on how I deal with these issues on future posts...

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