Friday, August 29, 2008

8 Things I have learned on Jon and Kate + 8

One of my favorite shows is Jon and Kate + 8. I enjoy the personalities of Jon and Kate and their little children. I cry and laugh, but most of all, I learn a lot from it. And, being a mom to two children on the autism spectrum, I need all the encouragement and parent tips I can get!

Here are the top eight things the Gosselins have taught me:

1. Free tummy tucks do come true.

2. If Kate can take 8 kids to a boutique to paint pottery, then maybe I can take my 2 kids too.

3. There is a family out there with more shoes that we have.

4. Monkey Bread is reserved for Christmas mornings only.

5. Each child needs his or her own special day alone with the parents every year.

6. Having the kids sweep after dinner "may only pick up a couple of crumbs, but that is still better than no crumbs."

7. No matter how much I want more kids, seeing the clip of Kate's pregnant stomach is the best type of birth control ever!

8. You can still be a cool mom like Kate and not feed your kids SunnyDelight and fruit snacks.


Janine said...

I've never seen Jon and Kate, but I wouldn't mind a free tummy tuck. Sigh.

Shannon@Vogue Mum said...

i love that show. It makes me feel better about my chaos:)

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Sage and Savvy said...

Love the show too...makes me put things into perspective whenever I start to complain about all that I have to do...

MICHELLE said...

we watch the show also in our house. makes my 3 look easy :)

Helene said...

I've learned so much from the show too!! The one thing that always stands out is "if she can do it, I can do it". There are days where I feel so overwhelmed with my 4 kids (2 sets of multiples myself) but then I'll watch the show and it changes my perspective!

However, with that said, I often wonder when the cameras are shut off if she just totally loses it and yells at her kids. She can't be perfect, right?

Leet said...

Hi, I've never seen the show but seems interesting.
Thanks for leaving a note on my new logo.
Cheers, Leet

Life of a Juggernaut said...

Helene, You are so RIGHT! No one can be that structured and not freak out once in a while!

Jennifer said...

It's amazing how they are able to do it all! Where's that waiting list for the free tummy tucks?

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

I found you on Three Channels. I'm a fellow award winner! :)

I enjoyed reading about what you are learning. Especially about the sweeping up crumbs part, as I am a clean floor FREAK. Fortunately, I have discovered why this is and will be posting it on an upcoming addition of Just Humor Me!

Anyway, I enjoyed your site...I'll be back!

Cathy said...

I love that show! I love that she is so discipline with 8 kids. I on the other hand have one and can't even finish laundry in one day. I love how she feeds her kids healthy food.

Anyway, I saw that episode where she showed her belly and had her surgery.

She's awesome.

Stephanie said...

I love this show. John and Kate are so much like me and my husband. Sometimes i think it's him talking. I totally agree you learn alot from the show. When I hesitate to take the kids out on my own sometimes but if she can do it with 8 I shouldn't be complaining about 2. My daughter loves to sweep I didn't even think about having her do it after dinner.

Elizabeth Channel said...

This is too funny! They do have a lot of shoes! But we have a lot, too. Makes me think we have way too many!