Monday, August 25, 2008

Life of a Closet Blogger

In my previous post, I mentioned I was living three lives. My life in the flesh is always wanting to be someone I am not. My life on Facebook is the superficial me where I only post the photos that make me look 20 lbs less that what I am and where my children always look happy. Facebook life is witty and superficial for me. And then, there is this life, my blogging life.

I am new to blogging and find it useful. I am able to be my true self, writing provocatively from the depths of my struggles and curiosity. However, I note that even on my own blog I don't let the boundaries rest too much. I don't use the actual names of people or places in a weak attempt to "protect the innocent." Also, I don't tell my friends and family about the blog. And, if I realize that a friend might be internet savvy and perhaps may have been able to find out about my blog, I become very red in the face.

Therefore, I am not really being true to myself. This is just the rambling of a closet blogger. And lately, I am not sure I even know who I am anymore. Here is a list of what I have discovered about myself when meeting a person for the first time... I am a blogger, mom, SAHM, retired business owner, on sabbatical from corporate burn out, designer, marketer, advertiser, writer, shopper, Christian, leader, reader, new tennis player, wife, sister, jogger, know-it-all, city girl, in mid-life, in my late 30s, artist, philanthropist, volunteer, party planner, virtual travel agent, entrepreneur, visionary, - or an All-American Wannabe? (not in order of accuracy!)


52 Faces said...

What a treat to entrecard you among the usual wash of "Make Money Fast" blogs.

I resonated instantly with your About Me - I too had the most difficult relationship with my mother. I often wish for more anonymity with my blog so that I could talk more in depth about it.

52 Faces said...

Whoops - here's the profile with the link to my blog