Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Three Questions of the Day

I have been exploring the blogosphere in attempt to learn how to better impress my readers so that I can increase traffic and maintain a readership. Through my dabbling, I came across a brilliant post that I found profoundly close to my "concerns du jour!" Here is a link but in case it isn't working, I have pasted the post along with my reply below also.


Depression, Bipolar, ADHD, Autism...
Posted by Kate McLaughlin on June 20, 2008 at 12:05pm in Motherhood, Parenting & Family
I'm a writer, recently assigned 6 articles on mental health--very broad assignment!
I want to focus on helping families deal with mental health issues. Please share your thoughts...
On what mental health issues do need or want more information and resources?

Here is my reply, my burning questions:
WOW! Finally something on line that is resourceful to the specific needs of our family! My daughter has been diagnosed with Sensory Integration, ADHD, BiPolar/Mood Disorder, PDD-NOS/Probable Asperger's.

There are 3 items I am interested in:

1 - My mother has passed away but I also think she had very very similar deficits. As a woman who was not raised by a strong, healthy mother, how can I be a strong mother to my own child who struggles so much? How do I know that I myself am not challenged with these areas of concern both environmentally or genetically?

2 - How am I able to parent my child who has a diagnosis that is always changing? She is 6 and as her symptoms manifest themselves differently, her diagnoses have evolved too. I can't keep up with it all!

3 - Because she is so highly functioning and thrives in a structured environment like school, the school professionals do not validate or acknowledge our diagnoses. I feel like sometimes I have gone over the top in trying to 'prove something is wrong with my daughter' in order to maintain or attain services. For this, I feel guilty and sometimes wonder if I have read too much and met with too many doctors. Ignorance was bliss, I think...


autismfamily said...

Good questions. The sensory issues seem to the core to everything. I have two DVDs I bought on amazon that I need to watch and review. Waiting for son to go to school so I can concentrate and absorb the material.

PS - I also did the drop to the entrecard. Thanks

Elizabeth Channel said...

Well, switch around a few of those diagnoses and erase the "thrives in structured environment" and your 6-year-old sounds so much like mine!