Monday, October 27, 2008

Mystery of the Glowing Hands

It was around 7:00 a.m. this morning, I had just finished trimming my husband's hair when I saw Sarah, closing her bedroom door, looking like a naughty puppy dog. Her chin down, lip out and big blue eyes looking up at me were a warning sign of the trouble of lawlessness that had taken place just seconds before. As she rubbed her hands together, I said:

You look like you have been naughty Sarah. What's going on?

Taking the first step to solving this morning's mystery, I turned the hall light on. Her hands were white, bright white and gooey. (See crime scene photograph 1 from post below)

The next step was towards her bedroom. As I opened the door, I noticed the door knob sticky and gooey. I said:

Oooo. What is this?

At first glance of the crime scene, I noticed her chair had been moved over the her closet where her clothes and diaper supplies are stored. And the room had a pleasantly fresh aroma. As I tried to place the scent, my eyes fell upon the suspect. Elmo. (see crime scene photograph 2 from post below) Sarah said:

Elmo's bottom hyurts.

AH HA! (see crime evidence photograph 3 from post below) It was Sarah and Elmo, partners in crime, in the baby room, with the jar of Butt Paste.

Mystery solved. Now if you will excuse me I have got a lot of laundry to do...


Faith said...

That is wonderful! Elmo looks like he's in great shape now!

Elizabeth Channel said...

$150.00 worth of OT with an $8.99 tube of butt paste.


(And actually quite thrifty...)

Lilly's Life said...

Oh that made me smile - and what a gorgeous impish face Miss Sarah has. As for Elmo....mmmmm....he will ahve a lovely sheen to his fur for some time to come I suspect. But he will be positively glowing...

Anne said...

poor Elmo. Will he ever come clean?

Tammy Warren said...

Look at the smile! Even though I am sure it was hard for you to smile.