Monday, October 20, 2008

October Tree

October tree you bring a sense of comfort to my soul. Comfort from your stability, robust and bursting with beauty. There you stand, waving in the fall breeze to me, golden and stoic, friendly and true.

How many years have you grown in that spot? How many seasons have passed you by? How many leaves cover you up then drop when the breezes blow by?

One year to the next, I move at a blazing pace wondering and waiting to change all while needing to stand, tall in one place as you do, stand fearless and still not bending to wind, the moon or a mood on somebody's face.

October tree you let me be me. You remain yet change, you give yet take both beauty and awe you are and will forever be.

Creative Writing by Andrea Cook, Crazy Jugs
Photography by Tammy Warren, A Day to Share with Tammy


Lilly's Life said...

That was amazing. You are such a clever, clever writer!! Isnt it how humbling that these beautiful old trees, which have lived a lot longer than we have, are still standing proud. Oh, if only trees could talk....imagine what they have had to withstand - we will never know.

By the way thank you for your comments on my last post. Wish we lived closer and I would invite you for a coffee and chat.

I know I am going to see your name on a book one day soon enough. Keep writing because you are so talented. Hope your week has gone smoothly and your beautiful family is well.

Tammy Warren said...

Oh, this was such a wonderful poem. Thank you asking for my picture. I had so much fun Tuesday afternoon snapping away.

I will be sure to get this posted on my blog in the next day or two.

Thank you again. This is so special.

pjmu said...

Thanks for getting the chance.
I felt that the tree is very strong and static.
The surrounding is out of tune with a tree because only that tree is big and another tree is small.

This October tree is good feeling for me. Thank you. ^^

Tammy Warren said...

I am posting your poem today. In the next little bit.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Kathy said...

Beautiful poem, Andrea. Beautiful photo, Tammy.

This is so relaxing and touching.

lonestar818 said...

Well written, a beautiful poem and beautiful picture!

Elizabeth Channel said...



They are being planted.

You just wait.

They are going to sprout.