Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sugar: I love you I hate you

Sugar, I love you.
Sugar, I hate you.

You trick me into thinking that you are so good to me. The way you taste, the way you sparkle.
You send happiness from my buds to the twinkles in my eyes.

But then you stay, you don't go.
You turn into nastiness, flubber, illness and fog.
You make me into an old woman, decrepit and weary.
Bleached by lye and lies, you will be a witch's brew in my eyes.

But in my heart, I will miss you.
I will miss your sweet nothings, the way you calm yet excite me,
The way you stay when everyone leaves.
Yes I will miss our private times.

Those moments will be memories left in the past with the pain
A new day is coming, and those times and pounds will melt away.
I hope.
I pray.
For today is only one day.


Lilly's Life said...

I think we have to convince ourselves that sugar is poison. What I never get is I treat my car better than I treat myself and there is no way I would put sugar in my car. I mean logically it does about as much damage to us as it would to our cars. If you get me. Its late and I personally overdosed on crisps, chips (not sure what you call them there), today. I am with you on this whole food thing let me tell you. Totally an emotional eater. Tomorrow is another day! Its poison ok?

Elizabeth Channel said...

Particularly fitting with all this wretched Halloween candy about!