Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank You Sarah

Thank you Sarah.
Thank you for spreading your smile. Your smile is beautiful enough it could bring world peace. The way you show your teeth and your cheeks lift up your ears, even your eyes smile. It is contagious and no matter how I might be feeling at the moment, when you smile, I can't help but hear angels in the room!
Thank you for moving your Princess chair over to the CD player and putting in DeeLight, taking my hand and dancing to "Groove is in the House" with me every day.
Thank you for the way you lift your soft chubby shoulders up and down while you dance.
Thank you for covering your beautiful face with your teeny hands and playing peek-a-boo with me while you are in your car seat.
Thank you for your wonder and amazement as you play with flashlights and magnifying glasses.
Thank you how you look up to your sister even when she isn't very nice to you.
Thank you for saying sister like you do, "Seetuh"
Thank you for screaming for joy when the rocket appears on Little Einstein's.
Thank you for your hugs and sad, "I'm surree" after you serve your timeout.
Thank you for naming the blanket I made and calling it your blankie even though I never finished it fully.
Thank you for your voice and how it sounds when you talk and sing.
Thank you for loving to paint and draw and play with play dough.

I love you Sarah.


Tammy Warren said...

Oh...you know this just made me cry. How sweet..

Elizabeth Channel said...

She is so precious! What a sweet post. It reminds me what a difference there is between two and three.