Friday, October 3, 2008

From Shmack to Love Sprinkles. All in a Day's Work.

It was one of those crazy days, the house stunk worse than a skunk from the pile of 100s maybe even 1000s of diarrhea diapers that I had just tossed carelessly into the kitchen trash. Yes, that is nasty. And, I don't normally put the poo diapers in the kitchen trash, like I said, my day was crazy!

That isn't as nasty as the one dirty diaper that I left on the carpet near the front door right before I got interrupted by UPS man, the FedEx Man and the Culligan Man (I have a bad habit of exaggerating, sorry!) and random telephone calls throughout the day. That diaper on the floor had once been Velcro'd up nice and tightly like a ravioli, so easy to have forgotten about. Until, I came downstairs, or was it upstairs? Not sure, it was that kind of day, like I said.

That diaper somehow enticed my pug, Clio to have a party with it. Don't know if my nasty dog was trying to dig the small apple pieces for a crap snack attack or what, but between the diaper and the pug, I would say the diaper won. The diaper was spread from one corner to the other in our 15 foot long front room. There were shmack smudges and crap crumbs sprinkled throughout the room like ticker tape from the RNC/DNC convention. (Shmack, that is a fancy word for sh#^*bleep!)

Before I knew what had happened fully, I felt the shmack on my barefoot as I tried skirting across the room. I yelled some sort of profanity and actually kicked the dog. I felt a little evil about it but a short breath of release too. Please don't think I am a dog hater or abuser, I am just claiming that it was the shmackiest days since becoming a SAHM bar none!!!

Then, fast forward the scene way past me scrubbing, vacuuming, cleaning the carpet - and my foot. And taking out the stanky kitchen garbage - and the dog. Que up to very minute when my husband is home, the family has just washed their hands for supper and I can hear the clink of the bottle caps from our chilled Heinekens falling into the recyclable bin. As I bring dinner over to the table, my husband says:

Fred: Look, there is a rainbow in our back yard.

ALL: Oh? Ahhh. Oooo. Wow.

Blink of an eye, it disappeared.

Toddler Daughter, sadly says: It all gone?

6 Year Old Daughter, says with hope in her eyes: Yes, but look, it left its LOVE SPRINKLES!

(Love Sprinkles? Is that darling or what?)


Lilly's Life said...

Kind of makes your day worthwhile when you get that little gem at the end of the day. Love sprinkles - very sweet indeed! I read on another site about a mom who writes the precious things her children say and puts them in a jar. When she is having a rough day she just goes and gets one of the pieces of paper out of the jar. You do forget these things over the years and I thought it was a great idea. Guess you could do the same on your blog - a category called Love Sprinkles. Sorry I havent been commenting. I have been reading but sometimes I don't have the answers for you because I havent had the same experiences so feel ill equipped compared to your other raders who have hands on experience.

Tammy Warren said...

Hey...It is me. I haven't been over in a while. I had a rough end of the week myself. I know these crazy moments are hard to get past sometimes. I love it when they have a happy ending.

I will hang around here for a bit. I am trying to get caught up on all of my bloggie friends.

I hope you have a fantastic "mess" free week.


Nina said...

Why do dogs find dirty diapers appealing? I have two dogs and they will have a blast with the diapers if they are left out. So gross!
Sounds like your day ended with a nice note with the comments of the kids.

Helene said...

Oh no!!!! See, that's why we don't have a dog!! But my little twins have figured out how to open the lid to the diaper pail we keep in the laundry room and they pick their own dirty diapers out of the pail and walk around with them. How gross is that?? But I do think your story is much grosser because you ended up with the crap on your feet and the carpet!! I know that will happen anyday now so I need to find a different place to store our dirty diapers until I can walk them out to the trash.

Your daughter's comment is adorable!!!!! It definitely helps you to see things through her eyes!! My kids, on the other hand, just ask me where the Lucky Charms guy is every time we see a rainbow.