Friday, October 10, 2008

What Do I Want?

I went to the movies with a couple of girl friends last night to watch The Women starring Meg Ryan and many many women stars. In fact there isn't a man in one scene of the entire movie.

There were layers of interesting themes ranging from marriage struggles, mother and daughter bonding, friendships, relationships, careers, pop culture, party ideas, etc., it would have made a perfect blog all in itself! The characters were richly developed given the full spectrum of issues revealed. There was one main theme that I found most intriguing and inspiring: WHAT DO I WANT?

Meg Ryan played Mary, the perfect one. No doubt her character's name was to reflect the ideal Biblical mother of God, Mary. Her only character flaw was that she did nothing for herself. She always lived her life for others. In the midst of hosting a ladies luncheon in her home, she sat around with her lady friends and commented that she was contemplating on having another baby. She just thought that is what she was supposed to do. She thought she only wanted one child, but maybe she wants another. She knew there was a void in her soul, she thought she was supposed to fulfill it by bearing a child. But, fate won over and she finally fell into a season in her life when she was forced to reflect on who she was and who was she to become.

She did everything for everyone else though she was given zero respect. Her husband cheated on her, her daughter couldn't connect with her and her best friend even sold her out. It had to take gut-wrenching betrayal by these people who she loved the most to finally force her to stop and meditate on what she really wanted. She made a wall of everything that inspired her to help her find out what it was she wanted.

I am going to stop blogging now. I want to make a similar shrine for myself. This past year, so much has changed for me. I don't know if the bottom fell out from beneath my feet, or if I am just on a higher ground, ready to redefine my dreams, my goals, what I want.

Stay tuned for future posts when I share with you my revelations. I encourage you too to dwell on this question. Love yourself enough to know what you want! Dream again.


Jamey said...

I wanted to see this movie, now i really want to see it. i am Glad it got you thinking!

Lilly's Life said...

Thanks for that it sounds like a great movie and I will definitely be off to see it when it arrives here. Yes that is one of life's ongoing questions and so true for all woman. Cannot wait to hear what your thoughts are too! We all need to dream then live out those dreams in the best way we can. Have a great weekend!

Angela said...

Can't wait to see this movie!!!

autismfamily said...

Sounds like an eye opener of a movie. Last movie I saw was a few years ago with my son Nick.

Great news that you had a night out with girl friends. I have no clue what that is like.

Good luck with meeting your goals, dreams, etc. I turn 50 in 2010, sounds so foreign to me and I have goals I want to meet. Landlord is looking to expand and help tenants get into homes, so that is something I am looking into. I was busy today printing out college information on careers for animal trainers and ordering 529 plan. Son is 13 and now time to think about college.

Next is to work on a special needs trust and want that done by 50 as well.

Tammy Warren said...

Ok girl. You have convinced me to go to the movie. I have never gone alone to a movie but I think I might go to this one alone. I need a movie like this. You sound so upbeat today and I am happy for you. I will let you knwo what I think of the movie. You are the third person that has mentioned this. I watched "Ever After" last night. I cried. I am in the movie mode of operation. Change sounds good.

Helene said...

I made my husband go see this with me one night and he actually liked it! It was a very good movie and definitely left me wondering the same thing about my life!! Can't wait to hear your revelations!!

MT said...

I want to see this movie.

She did everything for everyone else though she was given zero respect

Aside from the cheating husband, this is me :(

Casdok said...

A big question!
Think i need to see the film to get some ideas!

Tammy Warren said...

I saw the! I had to come back over and tell you.