Monday, November 17, 2008

21st Day of a Sugar Free Diet

Ckookie monster Pictures, Images and Photos Three weeks ago, I started saying NO to white, processed sugar and foods pre-sweetened artificially with sugar. So far, I am not ready to completely cut other carbs such as fruits and starches, nor am I denying artificial sweeteners like Splenda and Sweet-n-Low. The way I see it, I am not on a path to die from Splenda. But if I don't change my ways, I will be on a fast track to death or diabetes by eating sugar for sure.

If you have read previous posts, you will have found that I have a life long eating disorder. Counting calories only makes me obsessive. I struggle to lose weight so that I can be healthy. I have made monumental changes in my life so that I can focus on self-care through eating healthy and exercise. Since making those changes over a year ago, I have been on a rather intense exercise regime and have tried restricting my food intake without being on a formal diet of one kind or another. However, after a year and a half, I have lost zero pounds- ZERO, ZILCH, NIL, much to my chagrin.

Realizing that sugar is only a friend to the egregious amounts of triglycerides, I've decided to make every attempt to make them both go away. Here is a quick review of my sugar free journey:

Day One "There's a tear in my beer."
Well, not beer in the morning, but I am crying over my coffee. Sadly, one of my top three favorite things is my cup of morning coffee. It is dear to me and I have enjoyed its rich, robust, creamy deliciousness for two decades. Today, my darling husband brings me a cup of Joe, sweetened with Splenda. Oh, I will miss you coffee with cream and sugar!

Day Two Withdrawal Symptom: Migraine
Achy and irritable, I realize that I am having sugar withdrawal. I also am feeling very hungry. I wrote this post just for fun and from the passion, love and lust I had for the powdery glistening poison. I also start telling every one I know about what I am doing and tweeting about it because I am obviously obsessed with my loss.

Day Three Encouraging Comments
Amazed at the support from Twitterville to the Blogosphere, I feel like I have some accountability if not just an outlet for my obsession. My Aussie friend, Lilly from Lilly's Life made this comment to me:

"I think we have to convince ourselves that sugar is poison. What I never get is I treat my car better than I treat myself and there is no way I would put sugar in my car. I mean logically it does about as much damage to us as it would to our cars... Tomorrow is another day! Its poison ok?"

Day Seven Excuses Excuses!
I cheated! But, the dog who ate my homework made me do it. No seriously I did eat sweets out of forgetfulness and old habits. See, we were taking a family road trip and we went through a drive through for a mid-drive ice cream treat. Husband ordered a round of ice cream cones and I of course did not think twice about it. I was licking my third or fourth bite when I realized that I wasn't supposed to be eating sugar. I decided to just laugh it off and enjoy the rest of the cone. I also caught myself taking a bite of the family-shared cheesecake after dinner that night. Oops. Not going to beat myself up over it! Little did I know....

Day Eight Detox. Again.
Ouch. Headache, body ache, stomachache all came back for a revisit. Must detoxify - AGAIN.

Day Ten I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone
Feeling ecstatic, almost euphoric. Have more energy and can organize my thoughts better. Decided to vacuum just because one day! Not needing naps in the mid-afternoon. I love this new found freedom from the sugar cravings!

Day Eleven I Like to Move It Move It.
Bowels are in full swing again. Not sure if it is because I am starting to try to fill myself with more healthier foods that are fibrous or if my body is just more relaxed and not trying to "put out the sugar fires" in my system. I start having more relaxed and healthy bowel movements.

Today is Day 21 of my Sugar Free Diet.
I have more energy, more confidence, more clarity. And with these new benefits, I am finding that it is easier to make healthier foods for my meals and snacks. I take the time to do self-care. For example, one day for lunch, I actually made myself an omelet with swiss, ham, tomatoes and asparagus. I am enjoying my foods more now that I don't crave sweets any more. I also am in touch with hunger and fullness, a sensation that took the back seat while my sugar and sweet cravings dominated my stomach.

I think the level of exercise doesn't have to be as intense as I was doing before. Now, I have been enjoying my wiiFit for less than 30 minutes and I feel the benefits. When I was mixing sugar with my previous exercise, I felt like I needed to run two or three miles before my body would respond in a fat burning manner. Most of this is total speculation, but I do feel like my body is running better than it did when I ate sugar from my morning coffee and cereal, to my afternoon chocolate fix to desserts with dinner and my night time chocolate obsession.

Even greater news is that I have lost seven pounds. Because of this weight loss, I now have more hope that I may have found a diet that works for my body better.

To be continued...


Lilly's Life said...

WOO HOO!!! Congratulations!!!! I am not far behind you on this up and down journey but for the last couple of weeks have been doing well. I am about to go on holidays so that should be a little hard but I am going to still try - because its a way of life. They say it only takes 21 days to break a habit so.......great post as usual and thanks for the mention!!

Sugar really is poison given its affect on us. Take Care and keep going - I am so proud and impressed!!!

Lilly's Life said...
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Patty O. said...

Way to go. I truly admire you. I tried once to eliminate sugar with the south beach diet and only lasted two days. By the end of day two, I was so headachy and lightheaded, I couldn't get anything done. I ended up ordering a pizza and sharing it with my husband. I know I need to try again, at least to rid myself of my sugar addiction, but I can't seem to muster up the energy.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Good for you! I think I would find it painfully difficult to give up sugar! It sounds like it is really working for you though! 7 pounds in 21 days is terrific!

Elizabeth Channel said...

OK, now I am becoming inspired! I know I need to do the same thing because I know I have yeast issues. Keep bugging me. Maybe I'll convert. (As I write this, I am eating a mini Kit Kat. Ugh. Poison!)

Tammy Warren said...

Hey you! I am back and alive. I think I have been in a huge big hole somewhere. This is so motivating to me. Do you want a buddy? I have been so wanting someone to take a huge challenge with me. You have done so well with this. I am so proud.

Life just got a little out of control over the past couple of weeks. I am back and in control.

Email and let me know what you think.

Hey, I am putting together a slide show on the High School Challenge you gave me. It is not finished yet but will be soon.



Janine said...

Wow! You're an inspiration! I think I need to follow suit - I'm a real sugar addict. What made you take the leap?

Cricket said...

Hey I came back over and wanted to let you know that you inspired me. I began my diet the very day I read this post and I have stuck to it since. 4 days and going strong. Really.

Hatch's Adventures said...

Hello,I found your blog from Dr. Scott ND's web page. I just finished reading his "Sugarettes" book. I am going to take his 30 Sugar Free Days challenge in Jan.
The book really puts sugar into perspective and explains why we crave it so much! I have been gearing up mentally for it. It is like giving up any other addiction. HARD! I appreicated your poem sugar I love you, I hate you. That was profound. I appreciate your writing talent and your willingness to share your feelings with us. Thank you, it helps.