Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!

So excited that I have managed my circumstance and am no longer a Thanksgiving holiday victim! You may recall my previous post when I described my grief that my in-laws don't celebrate the holidays with much festive fancy.

Well, the new and improve Moi has discovered a way to promote the holiday hurrah without being a Miss Fancy Pants over at the in-laws! I have decided that I will still attend the in-law's family dinner on Thanksgiving of course. Family is very important to me! And, I will offer to bring whatever blah-menu item from a can that my mother-in-law would like me to bring such as SPAM and crackers, canned cheese or canned ham or green bean casserole -whatever - I will be a good sport!

However, the evening before this Thursday family feast, I have invited some friends who are without families during the holidays. They are invited to join me and my family at 6:00 p.m. for dinner. I hope to have the formal dining hall room set for their arrival. I will even attempt at preparing a turkey along with other fancy trimmings. I am thinking perhaps of making some beautiful acorn squash, caesar salad, a roasted turkey, buttered corn, warm bread and maybe some oyster dressing, a recipe from my mother's father. Just brainstorming for now! Most of the joy I find in dinners like this is the planning and preparation!

I am looking online and through my magazines for crafty name plates that my kids can be making this afternoon! More than the new development that I get to make a family traditional meal this holiday,I am realizing the numerous gifts I have to be thankful this year:

- Thankful for all I have learning in my parenting this year. I have realized many things about my children. I have been fortunate to bond with my daughters in ways I have not been able to in the past years. I love being a mom who gets to stay home and I love the mom I have become just in the past year!

- Thankful for family both in our nuclei and my in-laws. Yes, I complain about them from time to time but overall they are a blessing to both me and especially my daughters! They also have had the opportunity to bond with them and they have developed a special relationship together!

- Thankful for my home. For God to bring us to this small town and place us in this home was one of my favorite gifts he has given me! I love my home. I am finally, after over a year of living here starting to take pride in decorating it and giving it our own personality.

- Thankful for my new experiences and relationships I have gained in the blogosphere! I have met some great friends and have read some personal stories, comments and tweets that have lift my spirits with ROFL (rolling on floor laughter), inspired and encouraged me. For this, I started a Thanksgiving tag although it might be too cheesy for anyone else to want to play. See previous post down below for the rules!


Tammy Warren said...

I am so happy to see you got it all worked out. I have been reading your blog via my Blackberry at Dylan's hockey games. Ugh. I cannot figure out how to comment from the phone.

The menu does sound great. I have never made dressing. I am always the one doing the rest. I am going to give it a shot this year. Any tips?

Happy Thanksgiving.

Elizabeth Channel said...

You are making even me excited about cooking and maybe doing a few crafts!

Jenni Jiggety said...

You get to have TWO Thanksgivings! I think that is a great idea!

Nancy N. said...

Glad you have it figured out! We have two dinners too...one on Friday, at home, so we can have all our favorite dishes and eat leftovers all weekend after eating with our extended family at my mom's on Thurs.

Glad to hear you started those meds, btw. I can tell the difference already in the tone of your posts! You sound so much better!

Carol said...

Me, me, me!!! Invite me! Sounds much better than my impending trip-of-doom to the inlaws.