Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More than turkey this Thanksgiving

Hello Crazy Jug friends!

First off, I wanted to announce that I had a fantastariffic Thanksgiving. I am boasting because I have learned to manage my holidays so that I am not downtroddened with disappointment. Not to be prideful, but it is a huge personal transformation for me and a leap of maturity, finally in my late 30s! It is not like I really have had anything to be sad from all past holidays, it must have been in my make-up or "jeans" (a.k.a. genetics.) Don't know why. Maybe because my mom was always depressed during holidays. Anywho. It was a great weekend!

Here's how it went down...

Thanksgiving Eve:
We invited some friends over and set the table old school, with name tag settings, linens that I ironed before guests arrived, grandmother's china and candlelight. (no plastic sippy cups either!) It was great. Photos please...

(What? I like to show off! So sue me!)

Thanksgiving Day
We slept in, took it easy. Then, we headed out "Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go..." It was relaxing and fun to watch the kids run and play at my mother-in-law's house. We brought some side dishes but she made most of the stuff. She was in a great mood. It was so nice to see her happy. I can tell she is proud to be Nanna. She's finally 'coming in to her own.'

Day after Thanksgiving
My father-in-law wanted all the kids and their kids to drive out to a Christmas tree nursery to cut down our own trees, just like he has done for many years. Since I am a sucker for tradition, you know I loved every second of it. So, we all bundled up and drove out to the country's country. We packed a Thermos will hot chocolate and made a day out of it. Here are some photos of the fun times that day...
(That is NOT me in the red, that is my husband with the Mrs. Claus along with my daughter!)

Day after Thanksgiving
I decided to make reservations at a local restaurant. I asked for the private room and a table for 20! It is such a blessing that I am in a large family where we can request a table for 20. The ages in the family members range from 2 - 79! Photo please...

And, on the way home, I learned how to take photos with night lights. Kind of a cool effect...

And that my friends, is a good, happy holiday! Hurray!


Elizabeth Channel said...

Sounds delightful!

(Are those sprigs of rosemary tucked in those napkin rings? You Martha you!)

Beautiful table!

Lilly's Life said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time - enjoyed your post very much Andrea and the photos!!

Cricket said...

You go girl. You seem to be chiming right along with life these days. Yea for you!