Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fitness Queen or Flatulence-Challenged Middle Aged Fat Housewife?

I went to play group today and a friend overheard me talking about various things like my recent spinning class and wiiFit attempts and she shouted above the toddler toy whistling bang bang toys, "Hey, I didn't realize you were such a fitness queen."

To which I replied, politely, smiling "Yeah, I have always been a workaholic work out person."

I wanted to say: Fat people can work out too ya know!

The past year, I have spent endless hours jogging, walking, elliptical, wiiFit, and yesterday I started my first spinning class. There were 25 bikes that were being used efficiently by 24 very fit teenaged girls, and well, me. As we were warming up, the perky size 1 instructor pointed directly at me and said into her Madonna concert mic, "Are you a first timer?"

To which I replied, politely, smiling "No, I have done spinning, just not at this gym."

I wanted to say: Just because I am middle aged and fat doesn't mean I don't enjoy cool work outs like SPINNING. In fact, I used to do spinning all the time before I was married with kids.

Then I pondered to myself: Was that really 80 pounds and a DECADE ago!

Can't this chubby middle aged housewife catch a break?

Another friend invited me to go with her to today's Pilate's class. I declined. Ever since I passed gas at the last Pilate's class I attended four years ago, I have been sort of shy to it! Am I the only flatulence-challenged middle aged chubby housewife who can't do Pilate's?


Lilly's Life said...

Nah of course not. You need to change gyms maybe. The one I go to is full of flatulence-challenged middleaged chubby housewives.

Cricket/Tammy said...

OH MY GOODNESS...I am laughing so loud. I have got to go get the children at school right now. I will be back on this one.

I needed this laugh sooooo much!

Elizabeth Channel said...

I'm afraid of Pilates, honestly. This does sound like a wretched gym, though. Although it's quite possibly your only choice? (That would be my luck...)