Monday, January 5, 2009

My Bucket List 2009

On New Year's Day we watched Bucket List. This movie forces you to walk a tight rope between laughing and crying. Jack Nicholson's character is much different from his other types as he is faced with his mortality and the meaning of his life.

There was one quote from the script that I am especially intrigued by that was told by the character of Morgan Freeman. I don't actually recall the specifics, it was a question that some old sage would ask people right before they died. It was a two question test. The first question was:

During your life, were you joyful?

Next question, did you bring joy to other's life?

Interesting to ponder.

The most pronounced theme of this movie was creating a bucket list, a list of items you would like to do before you kick the bucket. Since it was new year's, the most opportune time to create resolutions, I thought I would create my own bucket list. Since I am a list maker by nature, I thought that this would be a great list to develop! Here we go:

My Bucket List:
- Spot an eagle soaring through the sky or resting on whatever eagle's rest on...
- Run a 5K.
- Take my husband and daughters to CAUX, Switzerland.
- Trace my husband's and my own genealogy back to at least 3 generations.
- Write a novel titled, "The Legacy of the Crazy Jugs."
- Create crazy jugs with my daughters.
- Be an aerobics instructor.
- Travel on bike with husband either through Italy or Michigan or Napa Valley for our vacation.
- Visit family in Australia.
- Take family on a missions trip to Africa.
- Have an easel and oils and paint landscapes.
- Be a photographer.
- Always have opportunities to learn and teach others.

Do you have a bucket list? What are your top items that you have done or that you are planning to do next?

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Lilly's Life said...

Happy New Year. It sounds a great movie. Oh I have a long list - in fact my latest post is about me giving up junk food. Day 6...

My top ones are living in Italy for a year and writing a novel.

By the way I saw an English movie on TV the other night about a mother with seven children and her three sons were autistic. It was wonderful. I thought of you and what you have written here. I will have to find the name of it again.