Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We Need Change

I have been thinking a lot about the health of our society. And, realizing my own personal experiences dealing with the corporate world, I have come up with my own reasons why I think our country is in such a crisis mode. We need a culture shift and things must get worst before they will ever be better. In fact, I want to express my view here because I am concerned that we are putting too much hope on our upcoming president. There was a comment that I overheard when I was in Chicago last weekend. I shared it, midway down on a previous post. We have blamed all of our problems on others and not taken the responsibility that is required for true change to happen.

Here is my perspective on today's culture and society's problems:

1. Corporate Generation Clash On Technology.
The seasoned professionals who back in their time stayed with the aged old Fortune 500 companies and worked hard to climb the ladder to their C-level positions do not understand technology and how it is altering the way people think, purchase, utilize and communicate. No only are they no longer able to make products and services designed for today's society, they are no longer able to work within their own companies to get things done effectively and efficiently. The corporate leaders are not leading effectively because they do not know how, so they use smoke and mirrors and rely on marketing tactics to make a quick dollar, to fatten the books for the short term quarterly end. These old companies have gotten fat and it is time to let them dissolve. Do not bail them out any more. Allow room for the innovative, savvy, forward thinking leaders to emerge and recreate what the consumers need. Allow these new leaders to rise and let the older generation rest in peace.

2. Short Term Vision.
Corporations are more focused on the short term profit margins. They are more attentive to reaching the goals as stated in their own individual contracts than they are on the longevity of the company. There is no more loyalty to the company and no more loyalty to the person. Before the mass corporate layoffs, people thought about the corporation. After the layoffs, people now have an individual mindset. Born now is the entitled employee who is challenged only for a short term. Corporations have lost their hearts for the human. The see numbers and bottom lines. They have lost sight of the passion and the blood, sweat and tears that go into creating products and services for the consumer. They would rather cut jobs and their very own hands that feed their employees in order to save dollars by hiring contractors and cheaper labor overseas.

3. Consumers Only Value Quick-n-Cheap Deals.
We as consumers have also allowed the bottom line to dictate where we shop and what we buy. We buy the cheapest, even if it costs jobs, integrity, quality, dignity, local spirit, overall tangible pride in the small town personal entrepreneurship. We'd rather shop at Wal-Mart because its easier and cheaper. We'd rather feed our children foods that are high in sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors than take the time to make clean our own fruits and vegetables. Its easier to pack a juice box in our kid's lunches than have to rewash dishes. Who cares about the health of our bodies and earth?

4. Photoshop It All!
Image is not everything. Hollywood stars are paint brushed. Banana flavored taffy doesn't even taste like bananas. And why must they put food coloring in bread? They even bleach sugar. We live in a superficial world. Until we retrain our minds and bodies to love true, natural beauty that is found in the human race and in the nutrition and foods we digest, we will not be a satisfied society. Image is only emptiness. Image is not everything. Image alone is flat at best, flat-lined and lifeless. We need to learn to be real again.

5. Social Studies: Unstudied.
Since the signing of the Patriot Act, I am starting to learn more about how all US citizens are at risk of losing our freedoms. The executive branch now has the right to access our personal and private information without the permission from the judicial or legislative branches of our government. Our country's strength and freedom has stemmed from the checks and balance system that our forefathers developed in the constitution. Without the perfect check and balance system, power is given over to one head of the government. This power can be misused and could eventually leave the individual citizen without his or her constitutional rights. Keep a close eye on your liberties and stand for your freedoms. Don't be spoon-fed by what the talking-heads and advertisers of the largest networks want you to digest.

There are more flaws in the facets of today's culture. They say you can see the true character of a man when he is being tested with challenges. Our country has been radically challenged in the recent years from calamities of one kind or another: 9/11 terrorist attacks of monstrous proportions, hurricanes and homes being foreclosed by the masses. The character of our country is hurting. The healthcare, economy, education are only vital signs that show that our country is in crisis and we need change. Serious change and we need it now.

It is unfair to think that our next president will be able to do this all on his own. We are our country. And, as a country, we need to recognize our own responsibilities. We need to open our eyes and reevaluate the health of our own value system for the sake of our entire country. In this, we can have the change that we need, we can experience good change, for a change.


Elizabeth Channel said...

Man--just call you Mommy Instapundit! Well-said!

Lilly said...

That was a sensational post!! Well said and you area so right. Its up to us to control our lives or as much of it as we can. And I am doing ok on the no sugar, by the way.

Patty O. said...

Great post. I agree totally that the president alone cannot fix our country. I wish I knew what it would take, but I do think that we need to change our values and be willing to sacrifice a bit to get the economy back on track....It will be interesting to see what happens in the future.

stickymama said...

So true. Just last year American car companies still insisted that Americans want giant cars. Now they can't give them away.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Left an award for you on my blog...cheerio!