Friday, December 5, 2008

The Fortune Telling Map

What will the future hold?

Let's find out. This is a true story.
map puzzle box

The first thing I learned is that I do not know my US geography like I should! You would think that watching endless hours of CNN polling and election results, I should know more. This puzzle boasts that it is for children 3 and up. Whew! I fit in to that category. And the findings are....


A. There will be a loss for the auto industry.
My tot is enjoying putting in the state icon pieces in their correct destinations, such as a palm tree in Florida, the Alamo in Texas, uh oh... seriously, there is NO car for Detroit! Either it didn't come in the box or we lost it. Could it be a sign of our future? Maybe I should call Congress and ask them to send me another one for free.

B. With the help from emerging innovation, there will be new discovery and solutions for the energy crisis.
Here my tot is trying to find new ways for energy. Innovation is the answer. Not long pipes under the ground up to Alaska. "Wind and Sun," spouts my toddler.

C. One pretty step for woman, one leap for humankind
Don't my toes look purty? Even if the bottoms are like Flinstone feet! I haven't given myself a pedi since summertime. I had a dream the other night that my toes were painted a cheerful red so in the morning, I got up and painted them. Self care is important or I wouldn't be able to report on these amazing prophesies readers! Red toes are the secret key to my success! And, there are additional topics to discuss on why and how my toes can look so pretty on the top, but be cracked and calloused on the bottom. Typical of motherhood, eh?

D. What will happen to Florida?
I have had a scar on my index finger since I was seven years old. I got it making Christmas candy. It is in the shape of the United States without Florida. I love Florida. I used to live there. I have vacationed there since my youth. But, I can only report on my findings and here is what I see! Take a look for yourself.
my Prophesy Scar

And that's all I can find for now. This is Crazy Jug reporting. And, now, back to you.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl. I am slowly getting around again. I love this post. I am so worried about the town in which I live. We are very high tech and I can already feel the cuts backs.

Love the picture of the scar on the finger. I have one in the same spot on the same hand at the same location. I cut mine when I was young and I don't remember how.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Those toes are glam! What color is that? I haven't painted mine in three months and they are due. (And you do not want to see the bottom of mine either!)