Friday, December 12, 2008

More Christmas Blog Fun

Here is another Christmas cost savings shopping tip!

In particpation with's blog, Amy has joined blog forces with Walmart and Nickelodeon to offer a $500 Walmart gift card and all I have to do is share one of my shopping secrets with you here on my blog!

Here we go! I'll share a money saving tip that I thought was thrifty and nifty! It is from a friend who shared with me how she and her family celebrate Christmas together. She only buys three gifts for her kids because there were only three gifts for Jesus on the night he was born.

That is brilliant isn't it?!

Here I am trying to find deals so that I can fatten the bounty of gifts under the tree and she is wisely spending like a king!

Good idea friend, I wish I would have started that tradition before my kids got so used to the high mound of presents!!!!

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1 comment:

Lilly said...

That's a great idea. When the children are small you can get lots of things cheaply. When they get older I think the idea of the three gifts is a great one. Just reduce them as they get older.