Friday, December 12, 2008

Vote for Santa Today! Ho Ho Ho

You better watch out, you better not cry, Santa Claus is in town! Reportedly staying with a friend in a nearby neighborhood in the midwest, he stopped by with only two weeks before the big Christmas day to remind Sienna and Sarah to be on their best behavior. He also made a special request to the children to "leave a nice glass of milk and a chocolate chip cookie on Christmas Eve."

When asked how he will enter the girls' home, sans a chimney to drop through, he replied that there are many special ways that Santa has up his red furry sleeve to bring toys for special boys and girls!

Later that evening, Sienna was supposed to be brushing her teeth for bed time when she was caught staring off into space trying to solve the age old dilemma. She asks:

Mommy, was he the REAL Santa? Or was the Santa at the Christmas tree nursery the REAL Santa? I am confused.

So am I honey. So am I!

Help us solve the Santa mystery. Will the true Santa, please stand up?
Please cast your vote to help us. What do YOU think?

Is the jolly man in red who visited us last night the real St. Nicolas? If you agree, select HOME VISITING SANTA at the poll below.


Is the gentle man with a "real beard," as Sienna claims, the actual historic man behind the magical day of Christmas? If you think this is the real Santa, please select CHRISTMAS TREE SANTA at the poll below.


Have we been fooled by the mystical holiday hysteria all along? Have YOU spotted the true Santa? If you have, please select OTHER at the poll below and then leave a comment with a link to the photo you believe to be the REAL Jolly St. Nick!

Will the true Santa, please stand up? Help pick the true Santa!
Home Visiting Santa
Tree Nursery Santa
Other Santa Spotted by YOU... Please add link to photo on comments! free polls

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