Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Introducing a New Column to Crazy Jugs

This is the first post of the new ongoing column of Crazy Jugs titled:

Now. THAT'S just RUDE!

I have decided to declare myself the Doyen of Social Appropriateness and Etiquette.

Ever since my sorority days, I have daydreamed of being that house mom who would visit all the fraternities and sororities on campus and teach us heathens about etiquette. I relish in the details of a perfectly set table with all the name place settings and extra forks, plates and glassware. Knowing when the appropriate time to take the napkin, fold it properly and set it on your lap is a social standard of manners. And, it is sadly becoming a lost art.

Combine the traditions of formal dining etiquette and table manners with the impact of technology and Sponge Bob and the world of proper communication and relationships easliy goes to hell in a hand basket, "heaven for betsy," as your grand mother may have once said while sitting on her davenport!

Witnessing a severe decline in social behaviors not only among the youth, but us older folks as well, I take this charge. A charge to teach, advocate and share when I hear an inappropriate comment or see an example of social dysfunction.

Be aware friends who have found my blog. If YOU happen to be the perpetrator of a rude comment, you will be exposed here and now on this new column titled: Now. THAT'S just RUDE!

Better mind your manners, friend.


Elizabeth Channel said...

Dude, that's rude.

That's how we are handling it 'round the Channel house as we learn the proper use of the napkin and eat every evening meal in our relatively formal dining room. I've got a boy that's 9! He must learn!

I love it! I'll be a regular contributor, rest assure!

Anonymous said...

I am joining you. My teen is developing the worst table manners. I am on it!