Friday, January 30, 2009

Rude Rule #1

Thank you for tuning in to the ongoing column of Crazy Jugs titled: Now. THAT'S just RUDE! where we hope to debunk all of the rudeness in this world and make it a better place one post at a time. . .

You are at book club and there are a few of you savvy hip moms chatting it up about a funny comment that one of you posted on your Facebook page. Although it is a tad rude that you discuss this matter in front of the other ladies who have yet to discover the wonders and awe of the Facebook social realm (or blogosphere or twitterverse), but not near as rude as this... One lady, the smarty pants know it all says, "Facebook? Seriously? You guys are on Facebook too?"

All the smart savvy ladies in the house nod a big Hell Yeah.

Then, as she rolls her eyes (as if to try to find her brain and her manners) the know it all says, "Why?"

All the smart savvy ladies in da house share the wonders and joys from the long lost middle school reconnections and the easy convenient transfer of dialogue and information and the jokes and, well, you can't forget to tell her about the FLAIR... that is when she interrupts the mod and posh group, spoils all the fun and says:


Um. NO. She did NOT just say that. What? Does transitioning your social world onto Facebook take more time than WRITING LETTERS TO FRIENDS WITH A QUILL AND INK ON A SCROLL or DIALING NUMBERS ON A DIAL LAND LINE or SENDING A SOS USING SMOKE SIGNALS?

The next time a friend shares with you her joys and excitement about her blog or her Facebook activity, NEVER tell her she has too much time on her hands, just because you don't understand it. Ask her to help you find the same joy. Maybe invite her to your house and ask her to help you get accounts set up. And, if you happen to be on a committee, and there is a savvy social media maniac who wants to use a blog and Twitter and Facebook to help get the word out, do not, under any circumstance (even if you have no idea what she/he is talking about) say, "You have too much time on your hands." It shows your ignorance and lack of manners.

The Doyen of Social Appropriateness and Etiquette has spoken. Now, go and improve this world with your manners!
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Elizabeth Channel said...

I agree! That is a horridly rude comment. For anyone!