Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You Must Have A Lot of Time On Your Hands - Oh No You Didn't Just Say THAT to ME!

Don't you just hate that when people say that to you?

I made homemade cupcakes for my daughter's first day of school this year. I made an extra one for the teacher because I love to brown nose and want to do everything I can to help my kid get A's I wanted to teach my daughter about service and respecting her teachers. Instead of the teacher saying, "Thanks! How sweet!" She replies, "You have way too much time on your hands! I could use your help in my classroom this year!"

Hmmm. Cutting construction paper and sharpening pencils was not what I envisioned doing at my stage of life, but, servant-hood is humbling, so I do what is needed at the expense of paper-cuts and carpel tunnel from the manual pencil sharpener.

So, in case you are wondering what a stay at home mom does all day? I cannot speak for all, but this mom keeps her to do list pretty full. Care to take a glimpse of my to do note for today?

- Email contract for new brochure design for new client
- Start concepts for new brochure design
- Update resume on LinkedIn with new title, "New Media Juggernaut" in hopes to more freelance gigs
- Play Jenga with the dirty dishes in the sink
- Follow up with friend interested in a travel package and cross fingers that they will book it
- Find a new vacation destination for another friend
- Book a weekend at a hotel with a pool for family to celebrate daughter's 3rd Bday
- Get agenda ready for committee meeting tomorrow
- Kick off the new chairs for charity fundraiser
- Help market and promote Tour De Max for Tri Kappa
- Send flair to friends who just sent me flair (thanks BTW!)
- Check blogs, emails, tweets
- Schedule doctor appointments, arrange to pick up monthly prescriptions
- Schedule home assessments and therapy for Sophia
- Go to play date
- Reschedule Great Grandma Cook to come over next week so I can volunteer at the school
- Update and promote online advertising campaigns at a new blog experiment I am trying
- Balance laundry stack till the weekend
- Smile
- Be a good mom, wife, friend
- Follow up on dreams and vision for my life
- Review list and revise daily

Just because I love facebook and other social online media, doesn't mean that I have too much time on my hands. It just means that I can be efficient. It's called multitasking. Some people call it thriving under pressure.

I call it: Terrified of boredom and resistant to loneliness. It's my life. It's what I do. Welcome.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is quite a list. I am always amazed at how you can multitask.

makuahine said...

Grr, I get so aggravated when people say that about/to stay at home moms, it is so not true! (As you obviously know, lol.) I know I am plenty of busier than a lot of working moms I know!

Elizabeth Channel said...

Sounds like you are working at home to me...that's more than housework stuff, you entrepreneur, you!