Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are You Listening Wholeheartedly?

Sarah and I were just doing some crafts together. I was inspired to make hearts. Even though Valentines was over a week ago, my little tot doesn't care! We were having so much fun together. It was a free for all - stickers, glue, colored paper, scissors. We even got out big sisters markers... shhh... don't tell...

Anyway, as I was cutting out hearts to make a heart mobile to hang from our dining room light in big ol SAHM style and flair, I realized something amazing. I just had to blog about this because I am curious if the world had realized this yet and I needed to report it ASAP. Did you know that the heart symbol doesn't look like a heart at all?

Give it a try, fold a piece of paper in half - pink if ya have it - and start cutting a heart out. You'll notice that you cut an ear. Open it and you'll have two ears. Quite telling if you think of it. The heart symbol, symbolizing love, is actually two ears together as one.

If you look at it that way, search your own heart, are you listening to what those you love are saying?

Today's mantra:

Hearty listeners love with their whole heart.


Elizabeth Channel said...

You always give me a reason to think. Now a reminder to get down on my children's level when they speak to me ; )

An Unlikely Retirement said...

This is beautiful! Thank you.