Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Girl Likes to Potty All The Time

Potty all the time Potty all the time...

The thing is, she won't potty in her potty - not in the Pooh potty, the squishy pink potty or any of the normal white potties in da house!

"How long have you been working on potty training?" you ask...

It has been 8 days, and with 3 pees and only 1 poop in the pink potty, 0 poos or pees in the other 4 potties, I have decided that is not enough to counter balance the 2 stressed-out divas (she and me!), the 10 pee spots in the carpet, hardwood and mattresses, the 3 hard turd balls found on the floor (with 1 rolling out from under her tu-tu during that 1 time we had company - so embarrassing!) and the 4 stained training pants that have been rewashed over 20 times this week.

Within this stretch of 8 days, she has also had a couple of nose bleeds and a flu bug which I am not sure if it is all related due to the stress on her system. (?)

Regardless, therefore and what not, I am now declaring that we will not press towards the goal of sans diapers before her 3rd birthday that I had once hoped for. Instead, we're going to chill out, poop in our pants if we wanna. So, a change of song is needed with this household, from "My Girl Likes To Potty All the Time" to "It's My POTTY and I'll Poop Where I Wanna, Pee Where I Wanna..."

And, just to clarify... I am fully potty trained. Well, I do tinkle just a tad when I actually LOL or when jumping on the trampoline!


Anonymous said...

I know it is frustrating. But hang in there. She will get it.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Yes, I lived this life about 7 months ago. Then Sue turned three, played at the potty for a few weeks, and it was a done deal. Just don't pressure her and I'll bet she'll get it sooner than you think!