Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Three's About Me

Three's About Me!

Three Names I Have Been Called...
1. Dre
2. Andee
3. Android

Three Jobs I Have Had In My Life...
1. Global Marketing Director of software company
2. Panama Jack Suntan Lotion Salesperson
3. McDonalds Fry Girl and Drive Through Cashier

Three Places I Have Lived..
1. Orlando
2. Chicago
3. Indianapolis

Three Hobbies...
1. Gardening
2. Fitness - running, spinning, wiiFit
3. Gaming - Nintendo DS, wii and online games

Three things most people do not know about me...
1. I studied conflict resolution with the Dali Lama in Switzerland
2. I am a secret blogger
3. I have ADHD and take medication to manage it

Three TV Shows That I Watch...
1. 24
2. Friday Night Lights
3. Heroes

Three places I Have Been...
1. Crazy
2. Vienna, Austria
3. Sedona, Arizona

Three places I want to go...
1. Africa
2. Australia
3. Japan

That's three about me, now three's about you too?

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Elizabeth Channel said...

You're on! Let me think on this and muster up some creativity : )

Lilly said...

You aree always so clever and creative. I love your answers. The Dalai Lama - I am jealous. You must tell us that story sometime. In fact everyone of your things listed are a story on their own arent they?

~Zurama Arencibia Nuñez~ said...

Just dropping by to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!!! ;D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!