Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Today I celebrate more than the way your blue eyes smile and can light up a dark room. I celebrate your giggles, your cuddles, your empathy. I love the way you laugh. I love the way you love me and remind me to be nice, to play and to have fun. I love holding your little hand. I love when you share a sticker with me and then ask for it back with a tilt of the head, squint of the eyes and a big sweet, "Purty Pweeeeze?"

I love the way you love Cassy from Dragon Tales even though you've only watched the cartoon a couple of times. I love how you hop, run and try to shake your booty while you scrunch up your shoulders and bounce up and down with your knees. I love spinning you super fast in the swing while you yell in a high pitch, "Faster!" and giggle with me when it stops and you try to walk like a drunken sailor. I love how you love our pug, "Quee-O," or Clio so much and call her your "Pal."

And when you walk around the house with your blankie, your "Pwootoe," or Pluto, with your saggy diaper that you will not let me change for you, I think to myself, "When will we start to ween you from all this baby stuff?" While snuggling at bedtime with you last night, I really tried to pretend I was sleeping. I tried to not peek at the beauty of your face. I couldn't stand it any longer, I had to keep my eyes open in the fleeting moment in time. Although I always say, "Shhhh, no talking. It's sleepy time." Last night, I broke the rules and whispered, "Tomorrow will be your birthday. You're growing up so fast!" And you said, "But mommy, I am steel a wittle geewrl. I can't even weech the crayons. I want to be a big geewrl, but I steel a baby."

I replied, "In due time sweetie. Soon, you will be a big girl and will be able to reach the crayons. But, you'll always be my baby."

And, Sarah sighed with one breath. The next breath was a snore.

In due time Mom. Your child will soon be out of her diapers and care less about her "Pwootoe" and ABC blankie. Soon, very soon she will be wanting to reach for the car keys. So, today, rest in the day. Celebrate this day with the Lord. Thank Him for the blessing of three year olds!


Elizabeth Channel said...

Oh, the tears brimmed on that one. Such a great reminder to cherish every day. She is so cute in that red coat!

Daisy said...

Three is such fun! I loved age three. Heck, I liked teaching 3-yr-olds in preschool, too!

hellokittiemama said...

Awwwww hope she had a special day!! :) happy belated bday.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Are you OK? Did the snow people get you? Missing your posts!

danette said...

What a sweet post, I hope she had a great birthday! This one had me tearing up, my "baby" is going to be four soon.

kanishk said...

I loved age three. Heck, I liked teaching 3-yr-olds in preschool, too!

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