Thursday, April 2, 2009

One of the reasons our economic climate has been weakened is...

I was answering a question about advertising and I wanted to share it here too to see what your thoughts on the subject of the advertising industry may be...

The question was posted from AdWeek and it was based on a poll:
How will the economic downturn most affect advertising?

Well, it struck a cord in me. I needed to rant about it for a quick moment. I can elaborate if anyone might be interested... I welcome your insight on the issue... I know this is way off my typical topic that I write about but, just wanted to share this side of my mind too!

Here is my response about how the economic downturn will most affect advertising.

Many advertising dinosaurs professionals were commenting about the downturn of advertising money spent was due to the lack of ROI or the need to target better... blah blah blah...

These comments reminded me of the same chatter that has been going on in conference rooms with marketing and advertising departments for way too long. There is a reason that Sun Times has filed bankruptcy and there is a reason that my husband and I just completed a Nielsen Media survey and showed zero hours of TV watching this past week. Maybe it is because we get our news, our coupons and watch TV programs ONLINE. DUH!

* * *
Online advertising is a wiser investment. Period.

It is the key to a more defined target while providing instant tracking and immediate call to action from its customer. The true innovative corporations and firms can separate themselves from the dust of dying businesses, bail-outs and lay-offs, through their use of savvy advertising. Through the use of smart new mediums, or social media, thriving companies share their message. Advertising is in the midst of an enormous paradigm shift as technology changes the means in which people communicate, commute, work, think and purchase. One of the reasons our economic climate has been weakened is because the older generations of paper-pushers and gasoline wasters just don't "get it." It takes a major downturn in profits before the fat cats will start to take notice and respect new and improved ideas. Forward thinking businesses can only succeed when they allow innovation to drive their products, services and brand.


Elizabeth Channel said...

It baffles me that people are amazed newpapers have failed.

Van Pan Dad said...

I'm not so sure. After all, when I returned home from work yesterday evening and the children had brought me my paper and slippers, I enjoyed watching the CBS evening news while my dinner was being prepared.

kanishk said...

If I were there I would pick you up and give you a hug. I feel for you. I feel the pain.

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