Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Help Find the Mitt

The current school system that we are in does not recognize my daughter's ASD, Mood Disorder or ADHD. In fact, despite the three professional medical diagnoses that we have submitted to them from Chicago, Indianapolis and locally, the schools psychologist suggests that I the parent get some parenting classes or counseling.

This was the schools suggestion from last fall when my daughter started Kindergarten here. Although we brought a solid IEP from Chicago, they still look the other way and I feel like an over neurotic mother who, as I have been told via an email from my daughter's Kindergarten teacher, "troubled my daughter into having so much stress from taking her to doctor after doctor for unnecessary testing."

Now, the first grade teacher sent a Build-a-bear home with my daughter on Friday. It was dressed in a baseball outfit. Cute. We were supposed to take the bear with us all weekend, take a photo of the bear doing stuff with us and my daughter was to journal the activities. All of that in one weekend. Monday morning, I get a call from the teacher saying that the bear was missing the ball and little mitt. I search the house high and low. Luckily, I did find the ball. The mitt however is missing. I ask my daughter about it and it is like she is deaf. I asked her about it several times and each time she looks just as confused. The mitt is no where in our house. I don't recall even seeing the mitt and neither does my daughter. But, the teacher insists on the mitt being returned.

So, Supermom says, "I will order a new one." The teacher responds as if to tell me, "Of course you will..."

I can't figure out if I am angrier at my daughter for losing the stupid mitt, the teacher for not having enough grace to let the issue rest or my financial circumstances being so tight that a mitt will mean that I don't buy cereal for the week. Then, I visit the Build-a-bear website and find that the mitt is OUT OF STOCK.

What do I do now?

Meanwhile, I have samples of Lexapro in my purse that my doctor gave me this morning. I can't decide if I should start on medication again. I don't think that my depression is that bad. Although I am blogging about a stupid mitt. I can't solve my own problems right now. I can't even get myself organized enough to make myself lunch. Guess perhaps I do need the Rx after all. But what can I do about the STUPID STUPID MITT???


Nancy N. said...

Take the meds. You can't take care of your kids until you are taking care of yourself. You need to be the absolute best that you can be for them.

Depression is an illness that needs medication. Saying it is not "that bad" is like saying heart failure isn't that bad - it doesn't fix anything or make it better. You can't will it away or just live with it!

Nancy N. said...

Also, schools do not have a "choice" to accept a medical diagnosis from a doctor of a disability. They are required by law to offer her services under IDEA. If they are not, they are in violation of that law and you have grounds for a lawsuit.

I know you cannot afford an attorney but you need to look around and find one willing to work pro-bono. I bet it won't be hard for a case like this. If they are doing this to you to avoid paying for your daughter's services, I bet they are doing it to other families as well.

Nancy N. said...

You can also contact the State Dept. of Education (and even the Fed. Dept. of Education) to tell them the school district is refusing to comply with IDEA...


Anonymous said...

How can a doctor's diagnosis be flat out ignored? I'm so sorry you're struggling right now. If it's between the mitt and cereal though, then the silly mitt has to wait (especially if it's not available), if she doesn't understand the circumstances then she can just stitch one together herself. Feel better soon. And give the prescription a chance, if it can improve the way you're feeling right now than it might be worth taking.

Elizabeth Channel said...

If it's worked for you before, I'd take it. Nothing wrong with it, please know that!

OK, that mitt thing is hellacious! This teacher sounds unreasonable and insensitive. I'm with Mrs. Bear, as usual. Pursue the cereal. See if you can find a cheap mitt on Ebay later on when things calm down a bit. I wouldn't worry about the mitt, though, right now. Focus on yourself and your child first...let that mitt go for now.

Stonefox said...

Forget the mitt, it's a MITT. You and your child are PEOPLE.