Monday, November 10, 2008

Tagged in a Meme About High School

OK, so first of all, if I were actually tagged back in High School, I would totally roll my eyes and say, "Yeah, I will play along... NOT."

But, after years of maturity, and cases and cases of this , I have decided to play along. I was one of those cheerleaders by day and by night, I would sneak out the back basement door and "party hearty." Speaking of the good ol days, do you remember Ricky Schroeder from Silver Spoons when he pulled his shades down onto his nose and said, "Party.... hearty?" Just wondering, I loved that when he did that. Oops, I digress...

So, now, as a mother and a born-again Christian for over 12 years I do not want to defame my family name by sharing about my scandalous teenage years. However, I might share, just a teeny tiny bit because Elizabeth Channels at Three Channels has just tagged me with this High School Meme and she is my BFF! I wish I knew her in HS because even though she was in the band, I would have totally been her friend despite sticking to the status quo-ooh-ooh-oha! (song from HMS2, duh!)

1. Cars.
I totaled six cars before I turned 17. At age 17, either my insurance or my parents decided to end my driving record of totaled cars and I was forced to mooch rides from my folks or friends. So, maybe they weren't totally totaled, but I was always ready for something better. Really though, none were my fault! Seriously! Whatever. This is part of my Cars story:
Car 1: Black Pinto with Moon Roof. This was my grandmother's car. She passed away and wanted me to have it. I thought it was cool because of the sun roof. It had a bun-gee cord in the back to hold the bumper on. All the other body parts and engine pieces just sort of fell apart like a Pinto should.
Car 2: This was a Yellow Nova. A real Granny Gopher. Ah, gag! My dad got it for me because he thought it was cool. He would tell me how fast it would go. I was not impressed at the speed, I was a girl, duh. I wanted a sun roof, a radio, and I wanted it in black, Daddy! For whatever reason, my dad ended up selling this, getting rid of it for some reason, maybe my manipulation worked back then... I don't even remember because I was "oned-stay" most of the time. Years later, when the song came out, "On a super yellow nova in the sky" I would wish for it to come back. But, it never did.
Car 3: White Cougar. Don't remember exactly what happened to this one either... I think I got in a wreck. There was one time when I slipped on ice on the way to school one morning. I wrecked. One other time when I tried passing a slow Sunday driver on a double yellow line. An oncoming car was coming so my friend in the passenger seat grabbed my wheel and we spun around and around wrapping our car on a telephone pole on the other side of the street. Then there was the wreck that caused a law suit. I was pulling out backwards from a parking space in a parking lot and a car flew by and took my bumper off. They tried to sue us for all kinds of things, including the driver's "inability to perform wifely duties." Whatever. I don't think the insurance allowed it to go on for too long. I just remember talking with some attorneys and then learning that the case was closed.
Car 4: White two door EXP. So cute. I loved this one. It was so sporty. I remember riding with some girlfriends over to the college at the next town over. Cruising for boys, I turned a corner too closely. We were listening to "Play that Funky Music White Boy" and POP! I got a blow out. No big deal. I got out the spare tire and fixed it all while looking cute in my mini skirt.
Car 5: This car was not mine, but I did ruin it. It was my dad's pale yellow, two door Cadillac. Somehow, my dad fell for my manipulation again and let me drive it. My "friend" left his cigarette burning on the floor. I didn't realize it until riding in the back seat one day with my dad! Whoops!
Car 6: Another Cadillac misfortune! This one was long and brown. I called it, "The Turd." (Note to reader: I am so ashamed of my teen age behavior. I think I suffered with Oppositional Defiance Disorder back then, I was a terrible teen!!!) Anyway, it was a hot summer day, I didn't even have my driver's license yet so this car list isn't even in order, ok? So, I needed to get the mower out from the garage. In order to do that, the Turd needed to be moved. I opened the long brown plush door, put the key in, tilted the mirror to see how cute I was, turned the radio to a cool rock out station. Random.... Is that Freedom Rock? Well then Turn It Up! and turned the volume way up. As I threw the gear into reverse and I backed out onto the driveway, I heard a creak. OOPS! I forgot to close the door. The door bent back so far that the automatic windows never worked the same again.

OK. So, enough about CARS. BORING!
Here are a few other funny moments engraved on my historic High School wall!

2. Tractors.
In the middle of my 9th grade, I moved from Cincinnati to a rural small midwestern town to live with my dad and his family. It was in March and as I remember getting off the school bus on my first day, I saw the entire front lawn filled with large green John Deer tractors. I was a city girl at heart, and it was Tractor Day at my new school. Oh my!

3. First Boyfriend.
The first boy friend of mine was Troy. He was very cute and a senior! Little did I know that he just broke up with Robin, the devil worshipper senior. After she threw eggs from home ec at me while I was at my locker, I decided that I didn't need to go out with Troy afterall. In fact, in Geography, she slammed her swatchika-tattooed hand down on my desk to give me a note. The note read something about her chasing me down and sacrificing me into a fire at the next full moon. Terrified, I told my parents and my step-mom came to school the next day to yell at her.

4. Diets.
I lost a lot of weight when I decided to leave during lunch break and smoke cigarettes instead of eat. I also took some speed every day that I could purchase from the gas station. It made me very irritable but the good news was I lost a couple of pounds! I was still the base of the cheerleading pyramid though.

5. Jobby Job.
My first job other than working a paper route and babysitting was at McDonald's. I couldn't wait to start working so I could have my own freedom to buy clothes! I started out cleaning the lobby and bath rooms, then moved up to a fry girl. Eventually, I worked the drive-through. Once, when Tia, my high school nemesis placed her order at the drive-through, she ordered a large Sprite, but I gave her soda water. Oh yeah.

6. Ever Clear.
The first time I really got drunk in high school, we were drinking Mr. Misty's from Dairy Queen. We added Ever Clear, the strong grain alcohol. It actually MELTED the wax from the cup and bright cherry red Mr. Misty got all over our clothes. It wasn't one of my dad's caddy's though thankfully! Especially since I remember someone puking that night all over the side of the car.

And that's all I am at liberty to share with you at this time. I was a crazed rebellious teen just looking for fun and love in all the wrong places. I am so thankful that God had a plan for me and it was to know Him and to go to college and meet my Fred! Whew! So many close calls with the law and with death that there is no doubt that God was guiding and protecting me even though I was turning the opposite direction for so many years!

OK, now the fun part. I get to tag some of my blogging friends, right? Sort of new to this so I am not sure if these bloggers would consider me a friend but nevertheless, I think they are cool and so I am going to tag them... Here we go...

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You're it!


April said...

thanks for the bloggy love :-D

Lilly said...

Oh my gosh AC - what wonderful memories these are. Loved reading that! Mmmm mine were similar I am thinking....

Elizabeth Channel said...

I just *knew* you were the one to tag!

This is funny stuff...especially totaling the cars. My best friend had a silver Nova...we took it to college. You could drive it without a key so we would find it all over campus.

It's probably best that the speed of the V-8 engine remained a mystery to you...totaling 6 or 7 cars (I lost count, really)...that speed would not have been a safe marriage for your driving, I fear. (Remember, I'm the one who ran into the car wash box, so I can say this.)

Ever Clear and Red Misty? Wow. That's a bad combo!

One sneaky thing I've seen people do (wink wink) is mix peppermint schnapps with green food coloring and put it in a Scope (I hear) on field trips, at camps and the like.

Thanks for playing along! (I agree that God kept you safe all along for a grand reason and I look forward to learning more about it!)

Jenni said...

Ohhh you are asking me to go back....wayyyyyy back!

Anonymous said...

I decided to dig out some old pictures of me from high school. It might take me some time but I am going to do this.

These are so funny. I will not share with you my days but I am going to post them. It might be on my "Cricket" blog. hahah I will let you know.