Monday, December 22, 2008

Love Came Down: A Christmas Pageant

Been to a concert lately? Two of my favorite bands are Jars of Clay and Sixpence None the Richer. When I found out they were on tour, a Christmas Pageant, I begged my husband to get us tickets for my birthday present. So, off we went! And, let me tell ya, it was fun!!!

Here is a list of my top 10 favorite things from that night:

1. Remembering how I fell in love with my husband shortly after becoming a born again Christian in college. He would make me tapes from his CD collection and I loved listening to Sixpence! I was impressed that he had chick music along with all of his Christian punk like Five Iron Frenzy and MXPX!

2. Don't tell my husband, but I have a new crush on Dan Haseltine, the lead singer for Jars. He looked so cute in his trademarked black and white striped scarf!

3. When Jars of Clay played Little Drummer Boy and banged on the large white drum, lit with a simple string of lights in the center stage. Drummer Boy is my all time favorite Christmas song.

4. The book, The One The Only Magnificent Me that Dan Haseltine wrote. We bought it for Sienna for Christmas. It is perfect for a kid riddled with sensory issues, in my opinion!

5. The lead singer for Sixpence None the Richer, Leigh Nash. She looked great and sang even better! She has the most delightful, unusual voice. Every word she said or sang was like chocolate to my ears!

6. Leigh Nash's stage presence. She is about my age and she still looks fantastic. She had on a rocker jacket, tights, boots. Her hair was spunky and funky, just like her bounce while she belts out some of those hard to reach melodies.

7. Leeland's opening performance got us on our feet. They're the up and coming Christian band. Well, they are up and coming for me at least. The lead singer's brother plays the keyboard. He is a riot. You can't take your eyes off of him. They were new and somewhat fascinating.

8. Sara Groves song, Toy Packaging. Very humorous!

9. Learning more about the ongoing mission that the concert was trying to raise awareness and support. It is clled BLOOD:WATER MISSION. They had testimonials threaded throughout the show about this cause.

10. During pre-show, my husband and I sat in our Odyssey, sipping our Starbucks. I told him, I bet there are going to be a lot of young, hip punk kids at the show. He laughed and told me, "Honey, we aren't as young as we used to be." He was right! The crowd was peppered with gray haired fans from the 90s! There were some younger fans, but I think they were the kids or grand kids of the real fans there!

If you are interested in downloading the Christmas music from their Love Came Down tour, check this link out! You can name your price or send it to five friends and download it for free....


An Unlikely Retirement said...

Wow - sounds like a great time. I am a huge Leigh Nash fan....her voice is incredible. I wish great stuff like this came to my town, or at least anywhere within...oh, say, a three hour drive. But I feel like I get to be there through your post! Merry Christmas!

Lilly said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time -so glad! I am going to do some downloading and check them out! I hope you and your family have a fantastic Christmas and I will catch you after the holidays!!

Elizabeth Channel said...

I absolutely adore Sara Groves! I need to listen to this CD!