Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eating Habits: Dangerously Unethical and Other Thoughts to Ponder

I feel like a giant cannibal while eating gingerbreadmen.

I really must stop. It's not polite.

And then, I wonder, when vegetarians chow down on animal crackers, are they cheating?

When I crave a Ritz, do all I really want is a salted cracker? Don't I want so much more? Ritz. They really disappoint. Where is the glamour, the pizzazz, the dancing and fancy gowns? It. Is. Just. A. Cracker.

When snowmen melt, where do they go?

How do you know if it is a snowman, not a snow woman? I don't see extra snow balls around it...


Anonymous said...

I think I will be using these quotes in the near future... :)

AC said...

Sorry, this is copyrighted material DH. You will have to get my permission first, and I say no.

Hands off, these are MY thoughts, ponders, fears - not yours.

Anonymous said...

LOL! These were awesome. Thanks for making me smile on this snowy morning.